Specialty Management Firms

In the course of making investments, certain of the Funds have acquired or created certain specialty management companies to service various assets requiring specific management expertise, a selection of which is detailed below.  While these specialty companies manage the day-to-day activities of these investments, Hudson maintains strategic oversight, including managing the business plans for the investments and providing these organizations with a capital-focused discipline.

Caliber Home Loans, Inc.

  • Full service mortgage company and special servicer (a combination of the companies formerly known as Vericrest Financial, Inc. and Caliber Funding LLC) that provides a full complement of services, including the origination of new mortgages and servicing (including managing collection, modifications and reporting activities) of U.S. residential whole loan portfolios
  • Jointly owned by Lone Star Fund V and Lone Star Fund VI

Start Mortgages

  • Special servicing platform that provides expertise in rectifying, resolving and restructuring residential mortgage loans in the Irish market
  • Owned by Lone Star Fund IX

CAF S.p.A.

  • Special servicing company that manages Italian residential mortgages, commercial loans and consumer finance. Also provides pricing and due diligence advisory services
  • Owned by Lone Star Fund IX