Lone Star Fund X

Lone Star Fund X (U.S.), L.P. and Lone Star Fund X (Bermuda), L.P. (collectively, “Lone Star Fund X”), formed in October 2016, held their final closings in November 2016 with approximately $5.5 billion in combined capital commitments. Over its 24 month investment period, Lone Star Fund X invested substantially all of its equity capital in 15 investments comprised of 44,314 assets with an aggregate purchase price of approximately $18.3 billion. Transactions consummated by Lone Star Fund X included investments in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America in financial and other opportunistic investment assets, including single family residential debt and corporate and consumer debt products as well as investments in financially oriented and other operating companies.

Lone Star Fund X invested the majority of its equity capital in Europe and Asia Pacific (approximately 64% and 20% respectively), with the remainder in North America and Latin America. Investments included operating companies in various sectors including industries related to the housing recovery, an interest in a financial institution and residential real estate and non-performing loan portfolios.